From December 2016 to January 2017 in the United States and international countries, McDonald's ran a Happy Meal promotion for toys based on the characters from Sing. Each Happy Meal ordered would come with one of the toys.

Each Happy Meal toy came with a circular piece of cardboard with a character on it meant for the toy to be stood on.


United States

In the United States, the following toys were offered as part of the promotion:

  • Buster Moon; says "Hahahahaha, ya! Gonna spice things up on stage!" when clapped near or pressed on a hard surface.
  • Rosita; sings the first parts of the chorus for "Firework" when clapped near or pressed on a hard surface.
  • Gunter; says "Alright, piggy power! Hahahaha!" when clapped near or pressed on a hard surface.
  • Meena; sings parts of the chorus for "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" when clapped near or pressed on a hard surface.
  • Ash; sings the first few lyrics of the chorus of "Set It All Free" when clapped near or pressed on a hard surface.
  • Miss Crawly; walks when wound up.
  • Johnny; swings his fist back and forth when his leg is squeezed.


In other countries, additional toys were offered that weren't available in the US:

  • Eddie; his head can be moved from side to side.
  • Mike; has a pull-back motor that allows him to move forward for a few seconds.
  • The Q-Teez; their hands can be moved up and down by pressing a lever.


The commercial for the toys, also ran from December 2016-January 2017 on multiple television networks across the United States, was a 30-second animated short (also animated at Illumination Mac Guff) that included several characters (the sheep, the hippo, Sherry-Anne, Johnny, Ray, and Rosita along with her children) ordering a Happy Meal and additional items at a McDonald's drive-thru. Each character sang their part of the order, with Rosita's piglets singing their order to end the song. Miss Crawly, working the drive-thru window, suggests that Rosita pop the trunk of her car to fit all of the Happy Meal boxes. The commercial ends with the piglets eating (and one singing with a Happy Meal box over his head) in the kitchen at their house.

The song performed by the various characters was a rewritten version of "I Got The Music In Me" by The Kiki Dee Band.

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